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Our Story

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About Mesotap

Mesotap is a visionary company that acts as a bridge between aspiring students and prestigious universities and colleges across India and other countries. Striving to understand and cater to students' individual objectives and dreams, Mesotap's team of experts guides them towards selecting education pathways that best align with their interests and aspirations. Founded with the idea of helping students find the right courses, regardless of where they are located, the purpose of the organisation is to help students find fulfilling careers, and help play a role in the growth and development of our nation's most valuable resources, i.e. our youth.


Excelling in education consultancy, Mesotap leverages its network of esteemed institutions to offer world-class education that can propel students towards fulfilling their ambitions. By simplifying the admissions process, Mesotap offers students a seamless and efficient way to embark on an educational journey that perfectly aligns with their career goals.

We understand that every student has unique objectives and dreams, and strive to provide them with the best educational pathways to help them reach their goals. Our team of experts have deep knowledge and understanding of the various universities, and are dedicated to helping students get accepted into the programs of their choice.

Our mission

Our mission is to help students fulfil their dreams of finding the right careers for them, in a world that is rapidly evolving. We're proud partners in the process of advising students, for the years to come and helping them make sound decisions that will positively impact their lives. 

Our team of counsellors support students, and parents by not only providing them information but also advising them on goals and career directions that are right for the future. A trusted partner for universities in India, and abroad, Mesotap brings dreams to life.

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