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Bachelor of Business Administration

At Mesotap., we understand the importance of having a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. This degree provides a broad understanding of business principles, allowing students to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the business world. We provide a variety of services to help our clients achieve their goals, such as career counseling, job search assistance, and resume building. Our team of experts is here to provide guidance and advice to ensure that our clients have the best chance of success.

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Master's of Business Administration

As an experienced service provider, we are dedicated to helping people understand why pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a great choice. We provide comprehensive guidance to potential candidates, helping them make an informed decision by thoroughly discussing the advantages of earning an MBA, as well as the various career opportunities that it can lead to. Our goal is to ensure that every individual has access to the right resources and information before taking the plunge.

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Bachelor of Computer Application

Choosing the Bachelor of Computer Application course at our counselling service allows students to gain a wide range of skills and knowledge that will prepare them for a diverse range of career paths. Our expert counsellors provide students with the guidance they need to make an informed decision about their future and help them develop the skills necessary to achieve their goals. One of our most popular courses for students from around the country, a degree in computer application is a universal entry choice into a host of opportunities, after graduating. Choose from either a Master's degree in Data Science, Business Administration and others to find a rewarding career for the increasingly AI-focused world we're living in. 

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Master's in Computer Application

A Master's in Computer Application is a great choice for students looking to pursue a career in the field of computer science. The course provides students with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and software in the field, enabling them to work in various industries. After completing this course, students can pursue a range of career options in India, such as software developer, database administrator, network engineer, IT consultant, and more. With an MCA, students are well-equipped to excel in the tech industry and become successful professionals.

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Bachelor of Arts

​​Our approach to acquisition is not linear and neither should yours be. The funnel is dead; we know that.

Today, your customer is likely to be exposed to your brand at any point in time. We create solutions through technology and creative support to ensure that you are not only dependent on last click attribution.

We can work with you to deliver first touch campaigns across Google Search properties, and a plethora of programmatic platforms for brand campaigns to get you a strong eROI.

Be it using DV360, or other programmatic platforms; get the benefit of our tools for your brand building and acquisition campaigns. Even if you are a start-up, with our support you do not need the multimillion dollar budgets to make an impact. Small scale does not have to mean low in quality.


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Master of Arts

As more people purchase a range of services online, and more people set up stores, either on social commerce, or set up shops using tools such as Shopify, Woocomerce, and other popular formats, we can set up your shop from day 1 to ensure that your business is not losing its initial customers.

Set up for success from day 1 by implementing our most updated technology for marketing and pixels.

We will identify your most important events, and help you automate your marketing so you can focus on building your brand. We help you achieve your vision for scale.

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